If Only You Would Watch Earthlings

You ask someone to go vegan,

They ask why,

You tell them because not being vegan supports animal cruelty,

They deny it and say meat and dairy can be humane.

You ask them to watch some footage of a slaughterhouse,

They say no.

People want to be kept comfortably in denial.  If we don’t see the problem, it doesn’t exist.

Have you heard of the organisation the 10 Billion Lives Tour?  They pay $1 to people who will sit through this hard-hitting 10 Billion Lives video at college campuses, music festivals and street fairs.

We are organising a similar event: We want to screen the film Earthlings at independent cinemas across the UK on 14th and 17th of April.  We are planning to pay participants £5 to watch the 90 minute film.

This event has been publicised in the online paper, Metro.co.uk.  We have an active fundraiser to pay for the venues, vegan food samples, and participation fees.

If this film really can change so many minds – it has been called the ‘vegan maker’ – then getting people to view it is essential in ending the horror of what farmed animals go through.

Please consider publicising the article and fundraiser for us, so we can make this event a success, and even perhaps replicate it in the future.

Metro article


The documentary in full on YouTube



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