It’s Happened Again

Again the British public are up in arms about the cruel treatment of a dog.  Here is the offending practice which involved fixing a false jaw to a dog’s mouth and pretending it can speak.  The dog is with his human and from what I gather seems somewhat distressed and is shaking.

dog.jpg dogdf

What I don’t understand, again, is why people are upset about this alleged cruelty; sharing petitions and posts, yet are completely at ease with the cruelty inflicted upon other four legged animals who have the exact same brain/spinal cord/central nervous system set-up this dog has, the exact same capacity for pain, suffering, and fear.

All the examples below are from UK abattoirs.  The first I’ve used before is a sheep being electric stun bolted, and urinating in the process – this is the abattoir’s own footage of their “humane slaughter”.  The rest are undercover pictures from  A C Hopkins Meat Wholesaler in Tone Bridge, Creech, Taunton, and were taken by Animal Aid.

I am curious as to why some people have a problem with this false jaw being put on this dog, yet no problem paying for other animals to be put through what we see below.

Noel Chadwick Ltd, based in  Standish, Wigan, a butcher who are ‘possibly the only example – in the world – which slaughters, prepares and sells locally sourced meat via its on-site abattoir’.


A C Hopkins, Meat Wholesaler, Tone Bridge, Creech, Taunton – Taken from Animal Aid investigation.





You will see here that stunning is conducted en masse in a room front of a room full of live animals.  These animals are capable of understanding what is about to happen to them, they scream, they shake, they are afraid.

Now, which animal is in more distress?  Why are you outraged and the first, and not the second?




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