Lol, Bacon

 So, this article is doing the rounds in mainstream media, although it has been on the internet for weeks.

It’s about a child who finds her pet dog skewered in a market and runs up to it, understandably, totally distraught.

This comparison is obvious to some;

What is the difference between this:

dog dog

And this:



After indulging in a few comments sections, the old chestnut “well one’s a dog, and dogs are pets, and this little girl will be distraught over this image” seems to be the crux of the reply.

It seems to be the consensus that basically because no one loved them, they don’t matter – and that is terribly, terribly sad.

Pigs have been proven to be as intelligent as three year old human children, and some people do love them, all of them, they are those who choose not to participate in their suffering, and some people’s response to that is “lol bacon”.


Go vegan | it’s not a choice | it’s a moral obligation.


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