A Tale of Two Pictures

This is a simple observation.

People have been sharing a petition to have Rebecca Cross disqualified from Crufts for being seen ‘apparently picking up her dog by the throat and tail.

I am confused though, as the people I saw sharing this pay other people to handle other animals in very similar ways to this, and then actually, unequivocally, physically attack them, to kill them, and sell their remains for these people to eat.

I am perplexed as to what the difference is between the two examples of animal cruelty, in the minds of the people sharing this petition.

The first picture is Rebecca Cross ‘apparently picking up her dog by the throat and tail’ – which I agree is a terrible way to handle an animal.


The second picture is from Noel Chadwick Ltd, based in  Standish, Wigan, a butcher who are

‘possibly the only example – in the world – which slaughters, prepares and sells locally sourced meat via its on-site abattoir’.

I use this example as a local, current, “humane” example of how meat is produced here in the UK, today.


I just cannot fathom why

one of these is considered cruel and unacceptable,

and the other is considered morally acceptable,

and I would very much appreciate someone pointing out the difference.  Anyone?

In fact, one animal seems to be being treated far worse than the other in these two pictures, and it isn’t the one people are petitioning about.  Perhaps those petitioning about the poor dog, might after seeing this, consider petitioning about the more pressing issue of what is happening to these lambs?

doglamb question-mark


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