“Vegans are in-your-face” and “It’s my right to eat meat” | Discussion

I no more respect someone’s right to contribute to a system which harms others, than I would their right to harm others themselves. If you pay the hitman, you are still the murderer.x

Vegan Living

It’s about time I discuss the most popular comments made by animal users. “Vegans constantly try to convert you. They are so in-your-face and never leave you to do what you want. I respect their right to be vegan, so they should respect my right to eat meat.”

Firstly, vegans are barely respected. I can’t make a face at someone’s English breakfast, but they can at my green smoothies. I can’t tell someone how unhealthy McDonalds is, but they can dissect the nutrition of my salads. I can’t show them petitions showing “gross” pictures of tortured animals and ask them to sign, but they can cook gross meat/dairy dinners and laugh when I have to leave the room to be sick.

Secondly, many people forget this is a carnist society. Vegans are NOT truly respected when we aren’t given the choice to live a cruelty-free lifestyle. We might have to…

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