Every Day (Jo Frederiks)

“This isn’t about Jews or about the victims of the Holocaust, it’s about the extermination of innocent lives who are deemed worthless. It’s about recognising the forgotten victims who are suffering under the very ideal that was responsible for the Holocaust: some lives don’t matter, those “we” classify as “worthless”. It’s about extending compassion to ALL victims and it’s about the unnecessary, systematic slaughter taking place Every Day.”



“In all the wars and genocides throughout history, approx. 619 million people were slaughtered. We murder the same number of innocent sentient animals every 5 days… Please make the connection…Please stop funding the Holocaust.”
By Jo Frederiks

“EVERY DAY” – article by J McHenry

I was happy to see this painting being shared while looking through images on the #farm365 tag, a tag made by a dairy farmer in Canada with the aim to show people what happens on his farm.  The images are nice and vegans have posted their images on there in an attempt to show a side of animal farming that is not shown, denied or to which little attention is given.  This is one image, the painting by Jo Frederiks entitled “Every Day”, which is an attempt to shake people out of their comfort zones and challenge their beliefs.

At first glance this painting may seem insulting. How dare the artist compare…

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